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Be My Valentine, Doughnut Butt

February 14, 2022 Haley Steinhilber, Rachel Ussery Season 1 Episode 16
Q4Q: Queer Personals Podcast
Be My Valentine, Doughnut Butt
Show Notes

This Valentine’s Day, join Haley and their partner @Rachel of @ToadstoolBotanicals on a trip to Denver, where they look at entries submitted to Out Front’s ad contest in February 1991, and a special treat from The Lesbian Show's "Dial-a-Dyke," a 90s radio broadcast. Listen to sexy poems, find couples that beat the odds, and visit Denver’s Gay Bars of yore. You might just find your own Doughnut Butt or He-Man. 

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Music strummed by Omar Nassar. Cover art by Bekah Rich.


Out Front, February 15, 1991. Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection.

“Whole Hog, Half Ham... - 1981” Youtube video, posted on May 5, 2012, by LeightonGeoFam

Snippets of Vancouver Co-op Radio's The Lesbian Show, “Valentine’s Day” from February 1990, hosted on Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony. This show is from Louise Hutchinson’s term as the volunteer host between 1989 and 1991. Most of them were made by Louise Hutchinson, who home-recorded the episodes of the show aired on the radio. The records were in her custody until their donation to the Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony / Simon Fraser University Library, Special Collections and Rare Books in 2016. Third-party permission and agreement to CC BY-NC 4.0 license obtained from Vancouver Co-op Radio.

A Brief LGBT History of Colorado, https://www.outfrontmagazine.com/brief-lgbt-history-colorado/

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