Q4Q: Queer Personals Podcast

Waxing poetic: Wild Nights, Suburus, and… Neitzche?

May 19, 2022 Haley Steinhilber, Ash Walker Season 1 Episode 19
Q4Q: Queer Personals Podcast
Waxing poetic: Wild Nights, Suburus, and… Neitzche?
Show Notes

Oh boy, it’s poem night at Q4Q. Join the party for some of the most mournful, raunchy, and yearning iambic pentameter pieces this show has ever seen. Haley and their special guest, Ash, set out to ask some important questions–When did “snowflake” become a thing? Did Emily Dickinson date women? Will men EVER stop quoting Neitzche? 

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Music strummed by Omar Nassar. Cover art by Bekah Rich.


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