Q4Q: Queer Personals Podcast

Collecting [Queer] Personal Ads

June 30, 2022 Haley Steinhilber, Dan Low Season 1 Episode 21
Q4Q: Queer Personals Podcast
Collecting [Queer] Personal Ads
Show Notes

This week, Haley geeks out with fellow personal ad aficionado and collector, Dan of @LongLostPersonals. His Instagram account contains hundreds of unique, sexy, and sometimes bizarre personal ads across the decades. Learn about the coded language men used to meet other men in the 1940s, and experience the dirtiest ad Dan has ever seen (so far). 

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Music strummed by Omar Nassar. Cover art by Bekah Rich. 


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  • The Girlfriend and the Boyfriend, 1951. 
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