Q4Q: Queer Personals Podcast

Wisconsin: You're "Among Friends"

October 16, 2021 Haley Steinhilber; Annika Harley Season 1 Episode 12
Q4Q: Queer Personals Podcast
Wisconsin: You're "Among Friends"
Show Notes

Are you looking for a gay roommate? What about a lesbian organic farmer? Find all that and more in this episode of Q4Q, when Haley and Annika slide into the DMs of some quality cheeseheads from the state of Wisconsin. 

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As always, music by Omar Nassar. Cover art by Bekah Rich.


A big thank you to:
Wisconsin LGBT History Project 

This Website ... attempts to link together media reports from every LGBT publication ever printed in Wisconsin, with personal recollections, photos, and stories. It is primarily organized into 5 major areas (People, Organizations, Businesses, Media, and Events) and weaves all of these together with hyper-linkages to cross-reference information in one area to related information elsewhere. Although thus far primarily the work of one individual (Don Schwamb), other individuals are coming forward with their own recollections and photos, and several other people (notably Jamie Taylor, and the new Green Bay LGBT History group) are beginning to contribute in a more substantive way to flesh out gaps and make the site even more broad in scope.

Among Friends, Aug/Sept 1988

Among Friends, March 1988

Among Friends, Feb 1988

Among Friends, May 1988

Uptown Downtown - Nov 1993

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